St. Thomas More Catholic Church

Project Description

St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Baton Rouge, originally erected in 1984, boasts a distinctive design characterized by exposed brick, laminated wood, and glass, reflecting the architectural trends of its time. The sanctuary, marked by its simplicity, minimal decoration, and clean lines, presented a unique challenge for a redesign that aimed to introduce more formal and traditional design elements while preserving the integrity of the original aesthetic.

The visionary solution involved the incorporation of formal and traditional design elements into the sanctuary furniture, all the while paying homage to the church’s original design. A significant transformation came in the form of a new Reredos and side shrines, artfully adorned with rear-lit custom stained glass inserts, gracing the rear wall of the sanctuary and providing a spiritually enriching backdrop for the new altar. The original altar found a meaningful new home within the base of one of the side shrines, which now houses the tabernacle.

To ensure a harmonious aesthetic throughout the rear of the church, new pews were thoughtfully crafted to complement the newly designed sanctuary furniture, seamlessly integrating the old and the new. The addition of statue alcoves, utilizing the same wood and color palette, further contributed to the cohesive design.

The redesign extended to the baptistry, where the font underwent a complete transformation, taking on a circular shape with a curved wall behind it, allowing for a more spacious and meaningful baptism ceremony. A custom stencil artfully adorns the backdrop of the baptistry and statue alcoves, showcasing a fusion of the Tudor cross with a rose, symbolically representing St. Thomas More.

This comprehensive renovation project not only breathes new life into the church’s interior but also preserves its historical essence while enhancing its spiritual significance. St. Thomas More Catholic Church is now a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, a place where the past and present converge to create a deeply meaningful and spiritually enriching space for its congregation.


St. Thomas More Catholic Church


Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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