Square 46

Project Description

Nestled within the heart of a burgeoning city corridor, this mixed-use project embodies the dual roles of architect and developer, serving as a beacon of community-centric design and economic revitalization. Situated in an area previously plagued by blight, the development has reimagined itself as a vibrant hub that not only enhances social cohesion within the surrounding neighborhoods but also injects new economic vitality into the district.

At its core, the project revolves around a captivating public plaza that elegantly traverses the site, serving as a dynamic focal point. Alongside the plaza, lively retail and restaurant spaces thrive, fostering increased opportunities for social engagement and entrepreneurial growth. The design ingeniously incorporates deep overhangs, exterior lighting, and a pedestrian bridge on the second floor, creating an intimate atmosphere distinct from the bustling street, inviting visitors to linger and savor the surroundings.

Above the retail spaces, the development provides eight apartments and three office suites, fostering a vibrant and interconnected living-working environment. The textured facades, thoughtfully composed of stucco, brick, and cementitious siding, skillfully intermingle to blur the boundaries between public and private spaces. These materials also lend the buildings a human scale, inviting tactile interaction and engagement.

Bold blue accents and wood panel ceilings further enrich the sensory experiences of both visitors and residents. Through this harmonious blend of diverse programs and material choices, the project breathes new life into a once-vacant site, actively contributing to the ongoing rejuvenation of the neighborhood’s streetscape. This mixed-use development stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design and community engagement, elevating the quality of life for all who inhabit and frequent it.


Square 46

Project Location

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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