Citizens Bank & Trust – Perkins Rowe Branch

Project Description

Located within the bustling retail hub of Perkins Rowe in Baton Rouge, the newly established branch of Citizens Bank and Trust seamlessly integrates into its urban surroundings. The client’s vision for this project was to strike a harmonious balance between tradition and progressivism, effectively conveying a sense of history and stability while also projecting forward-thinking ideals.

The end result masterfully attains this delicate equilibrium by aligning its design with the surrounding urban context, thus blending seamlessly into the Perkins Rowe environment. On the exterior, the building reflects its contextual surroundings, while the interior takes on a modern and contemporary flair. This dual approach effectively encapsulates the client’s desire for a balance between tradition and progress.

Importantly, the project embraces green building principles, further enhancing its appeal. The incorporation of an efficient mechanical system, the use of recycled and reused materials, and the infusion of natural daylight and scenic views throughout the interior underscore a commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. In essence, the Citizens Bank and Trust branch at Perkins Rowe represents a thoughtful fusion of aesthetics, functionality, and eco-friendly design principles within an urban setting.


Citizens Bank & Trust

Project Location

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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