St. Margaret Queen of Scotland Catholic Church


St. Margaret Queen of Scotland Catholic Church Albany, Louisiana


Albany, Louisiana


2020 AIA Louisiana Honor Award
2023 Institute of Classical Architecture & Art A. Hays Town Award for Historic Preservation

Project Description

The Church, steeped in history and founded in 1912 as part of a vibrant Hungarian Settlement in Albany, Louisiana, is a living testament to the enduring spirit of its parishioners. Inspired by the Gothic Revival Style, the church was constructed with locally donated pine from a nearby sawmill, a symbol of the community’s commitment to creating a place of worship that would stand the test of time.

The journey of preserving and enhancing this historical gem began with a series of “Vision Sessions” involving stakeholders who shared their insights and aspirations, ultimately forming the foundation for a comprehensive master plan. This collaborative process extended to engaging art, furniture, and engineering consultants, all working in harmony with the community’s input and historical research as their guiding principles.

A paramount objective throughout this endeavor was to honor and preserve the memory and unique culture associated with this cherished building. Every step of the way, elements of Hungarian and French heritage were thoughtfully incorporated, restored, and celebrated. This collective effort not only breathed new life into the church but also ensured that it remains a living testament to the rich traditions and resilient spirit of its community.

In essence, the Church stands as a beacon of history, faith, and cultural heritage, bearing witness to the dedication of its parishioners and the collaborative spirit of those who worked tirelessly to ensure its continued significance for generations to come.

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