LSU Phi Mu Sorority House

Project Description

Phi Mu Sorority at LSU underwent a significant transformation, originating from A Hays Town’s architectural vision in 1964 and later expanded with the inclusion of a chapter/living room in 1987. Over the years, the sorority experienced a consistent growth in its membership, presenting the challenge of enhancing its facilities. This challenge arose from the limited space available for expansion on-site, necessitating creative solutions.

The solution emerged in the form of an upward expansion. The initial 1987 addition, which consisted of a single story, paved the way for a second-floor addition to the chapter room. Simultaneously, the rear of the house was extended to accommodate the need for more dining and kitchen space. Throughout this transformation, great care was taken to preserve the essence of the original design while incorporating modern materials and optimizing the layout.


LSU Phi Mu House

Project Location

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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