Project Description

The aftermath of Hurricanes Laura and Delta took a heavy toll on the Lake Charles region, and perhaps no place more so than the Parish of Christ the King Catholic Church. The existing church and hall sustained severe damage that rendered them beyond repair. Fortunately, the church had a ten-acre parcel of land across the street, providing an opportunity for a fresh start. Hoffpauir Studio undertook the monumental task of designing an entirely new campus on this adjacent site, which includes a new 500-seat church, office space, a multipurpose hall, and a classroom building.

Our approach to this project revolved around creating a cohesive campus layout that centered all the buildings around an inviting internal courtyard, with the church prominently facing the main road. This thoughtful arrangement allowed for phased construction, enabling the church to proceed as funds are raised, ensuring that progress can be made steadily.

Despite the generous size of the spaces, we deliberately selected materials and forms that pay homage to the aesthetic of a quaint country chapel, seamlessly blending into the rural surroundings. The painted siding on the exteriors and the use of natural wood and stone on the interior evoke the timeless charm of churches built by generations of devoted parishioners. This traditional aesthetic is juxtaposed with the incorporation of modern construction techniques, ensuring the durability and resilience needed to withstand the region’s challenging weather conditions, particularly the harsh winds.

In essence, this new campus stands as a symbol of resilience and renewal, a testament to the strength of the community and their unwavering commitment to their faith. It embodies the spirit of the past while embracing the promise of the future—a state-of-the-art facility that will continue to serve the parishioners for generations to come.


Christ the King Catholic Church

Project Location

Lake Charles, Louisiana

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