Capitol Park Welcome Center

Project Description

The Capitol Park Welcome Center, originally conceived as a gateway to the Capitol and its surrounding state buildings and grounds, underwent a transformative revival. Recognizing the underutilization of the building, a strategic decision was made to repurpose it as the new home for the Louisiana Economic Development’s Fast Start Program, a dynamic initiative designed to facilitate business growth and bring new opportunities to the state.

The Fast Start Program harnesses cutting-edge technology to assist businesses in rapidly expanding their workforce and effectively marketing their services and goods across Louisiana. With tools such as virtual reality training, photography shoots, website development, and traditional printed media, the program encourages collaboration with the agency, ultimately driving economic growth and increased tax revenue for the region.

The redesigned interior of the Welcome Center has been thoughtfully reimagined to create a pathway of creative spaces that guide clients through the experience of working with the Fast Start team. The open concept layout and flexible workspaces provide employees with the freedom to engage in informal meetings across various locations within the building. Most of the furniture is mobile, ensuring easy and quick reconfiguration, while multiple huddle and conference rooms are strategically placed throughout to foster the flow of creative ideas. The walls in the office and huddle rooms feature floor-to-ceiling marker boards, serving as a canvas for brainstorming and idea generation within the highly creative team.

The interior layout was reconfigured to maximize views through the park, extending all the way to the Capitol, forging a deeper connection with the surroundings. A new main entrance and a formal conference room on the northeast side of the building have been added to formalize entry via the adjacent park and a newly introduced drop-off circle.

This revitalized space not only optimizes functionality but also reflects the innovative spirit of the Fast Start Program, positioning it as a catalyst for economic development and growth in the region. The Capitol Park Welcome Center has transformed into a dynamic hub where collaboration, creativity, and progress converge.


State of Louisiana

Project Location

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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